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by Gary White
June 25, 2011


Florida lawmakers consider easing alimony requirements

On behalf of Leininger Law Firm, P.A. posted in Divorce on Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A year after making changes to the state's alimony law, legislators are considering even more revisions that would ease requirements for those who have to pay.

Florida has seen some significant changes in family law in the last couple years and more change appears to be on the way. More specifically, Florida residents experienced a change in the state's alimony laws about a year ago, and now lawmakers are considering a bill to change alimony laws yet again.



The New York Times 

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Florida Alimony Reform -- Proposing Congressional Solutions to 1980's Era Alimony Laws

Welcome, Our website is dedicated to changing Florida's alimony laws. 

Our lives have been affected both financially and emotionally by the current Florida alimony laws. Many have had to declare bankruptcy, and also foreclose on our homes, just to see our retirement accounts completely wiped out many years before retirement. We have become estranged from our families, as a result of alimony laws that encourage divorce and play a role in our countries divorce rate escalating to the levels we see today.

 Divorced family members and second spouse's of divorced alimony payers who have been affected by family divorce and the negative affects of alimony. And even other family members have to get involved causing their families to be affected also. Even our own Military personnel are being served with alimony and divorce papers while on active duty and serving abroad only to find when they return home from their active missions abroad. They find out how divorce in Florida will cost them everything to include their kids, and there assets along with their sanity and financial security. Is this Florida law at work or is it a travesty in itself. 

Being advocates for reform for alimony in Florida, we want to supply detailed information to the alimony payers, and the general public to include the new events and new legislation in regard to alimony law in Florida. We will bring more focus on it's negative affects on social structure for the core family in America. We provide the information to our legislature's on what’s wrong with Florida’s alimony law to give attention and focus to the need for alimony reform. Working together we can propose legislation to the Senate and Legislators to help correct these issues and address them in a way no one else can.